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For 30 plus years my approach to healing has always been through the process of planting seeds of possibility and hope. I do this by providing information, education, programs, products and services that provide value and are instrumental in restoring balance in one’s whole being. Their heart, their soul, their mind and their body. Sometimes it is through access to some of the most amazing physicians and health practitioners I know.

My goal is to teach people how to fish not to become their crutch.

None of which is less or more important compared to the other. They are synergistic and resonate in harmony when in balance.

This is when true healing can occur.


Putting you in touch with the tools for change and restoration are critical when embarking on the road less traveled. Just as a marathon runner benefits from the right gear, healing is maximized with the right tools and modalities as well as simple doable guidelines.  In some cases, private or group coaching can be an asset to help you succeed.

Therefore, equally as important, are all the things I learned working with some of the world’s leading Alternative Medical and Cancer clinics and their amazing physicians, nurses, nutritionists and instructors and of course their patients.

I experienced, first hand, what they did that was different than the traditionally chosen medical path.

How they differed in their “Eastern, Integrative Approach” as compared to the current standard recommendations and methodologies practiced by their peers in the “Traditionally trained medical community.

The motto: We shall do no harm…. suddenly means what it says. 

An approach that focuses on identifying the root and imbalances and on the restoration of that balance and harmony from within.

This resonates with me and in growing numbers with many of you.

There is hope.

  1. There are natural, nontoxic ways to restore a balance that can literally maximize and enhance the healing process.
  2. No drug alternatives to minimize pain, reverse diabetes, help you sleep, and give you more energy.
  3. There are ways that enable one to bypass a bypass surgery and yes even battle cancer and win.


We are all looking for a miracle, all looking for hope, all looking for love, all looking for healing on some level whether we realize it or not.

I have witnessed miracle story after miracle story, time and time again over the years.


I’ve unveiled some of the hidden secrets, magic formulas, and common denominators.

Now it is time to pass them on in a bigger way and I would like to invite YOU to help me share this wisdom with all those we care about.

Yes, it is time and I need your help. Will you help me? We can make a difference and we will.

“A single drop of knowledge, with a rippling effect.”

You pull out one weed, and plant just one seed and watch what can grow.

More importantly through a natural approach that included non-toxic therapies and modalities, education and lifestyle modifications.

Take all the pearls of wisdom, nuggets of knowledge I’ve gleaned from them and the Authors and Physicians I’ve interviewed who have spent their careers researching, practicing or specializing in every genre or arena in the health and wellness conglomerate.

 Take share it with those who are looking for direction, options, alternatives or anything that could provide value for them on their journey. Directions or guidance to take them to the next step or the progressive level. Whatever that may be, as we all have our own journey. Our own lessons to learn and stories to share.

My passion is in passing on those lessons and being open to being a perpetual student, learning also from all those I meet.

When you learn, and witness and are forced to walk in those moccasins to, the experience will begin to change the way you think forever.

There is a formula and a secret and I’ve learned those inside secrets and I want to share them with you.

To get more information and download ……………

 Walking alongside these patients and their loved ones on that road less traveled has been both a gift, a blessing and a sacred space for healing.

 I’ve lived having had an experience, I’ve learned through their experience and through their willingness to share and hence teach me as well, and I have been passing it on a long, long time and will continue to do so.  

It is my wish to share from my heart, in order provide something of value. Learning is a lifelong process yet the investment in all the classes, education and experience have been more than worth every dime to me and I continue in my pursuit of knowledge as my passion persists.

 Some of the lessons in which I or you may have gained the greatest wisdom of all was not through the investment of our hard-earned dollars, rather they were from our blood, sweat, and tears, our heart aches and crippling grief, but also through our triumphs and joys, our insistence, persistence and resilience and often through a whole lot of prayer, and a good dose of God’s help! amen. You know what I am talking about.

Then again……….


What’s the value of knowledge?

If it’s not passed on?

History forgotten

The lessons gone

Only together with the support of each other can we win. Only through the Love for others, ourselves, the generations of those who have gone before us, and for those who are coming up behind us, and most importantly for our mother earth and our heavenly father who created all things.

We must all take care of each other,

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