“You can’t climb a mountain, with a pocket of rocks,

but you can build a brick wall one brick at a time.

Travel a road of 1,000 miles, one step at a time.

Take every day, one day at a time.

Treasure every moment

every minute of the day.

Be grateful

every second.

This points to:






“Cancer Below the Belt starts at the top between the ears”


A Pathway of Possibilities

For Healing


Down this road less traveled there are many pathways from which to choose.

Choosing what is right for you can only be made when you explore each path enough to understand the role and value that path may hold.

You may go down each path separately or down more than one path at the same time.


Make Note:

Many of the paths will emerge as one and that is the:

 Road to Wellness.  Which is ultimately the goal.


Destination is rebalancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit to maximize healing on whatever level is needed for you.

With the mindfulness of RESTORING BALANCE comes a sense of peace.

Restoration is dependent on rebalancing the inner and outer ecosystem in all three so they are working in synergistic harmony.

There is a formula for healing and a recipe to duplicate a healthy cell.

Holistic Healing is multifaceted and sometimes entails the synergy of integrating all that helps the body heal or what is right for you.



I would like to invite you to a discovery session to explore what possibilities may be available for you.


To schedule your 30 – minute complimentary

discovery session


Just press the contact me button to fill out the form.

Get Your Discovery Session!

In the Simple 7 – Discovery Session we will review: 

  1. Where you are right now.
  2. Where you have already been
  3. What you have already done
  4. What you are currently doing
  5. What are your greatest challenges
  6. What are you are looking for
  7. What possibilities you might like to investigate

With these 7 components, we can put together a:


Discuss Possibilities for Healing 

  1. Clinic or health professional
    1. Hope4Cancer
    2. Ketogenic Plan
  2.  A Self Care Program – Annette’s HEALTH IN ACTION PLAN
  3. Therapeutic tools

What are your options:

  1. Alternative Medical Clinics
  2. Nutritionists – Keto Bandito
  3. Self-care programs – Keep It Simple Self-Care Series
  4. Healing journey mentoring
  5. Therapeutic tools


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