Fate took me gently by the hand when my husband asked me to accompany him to the Whitaker Wellness Clinic. There I was a classical endomorph, overweight, in dire need of a fitness program to alleviate my arthritis, stiffness and physical pain.  I knew that I needed to exercise but the thought of it made me nauseous and of course, I always had something more pressing to do. I had alibis by the truckload to avoid exercising. My muscles went into retirement. It was difficult for me to climb stairs. I couldn’t get out of a chair without using my arms. I was a mess. I was looking for motivation. When I heard Annette Blanchard’s lecture I was in awe. Annette showed me a new perspective. An “AHA went off in my head. I adopted a new motto. Exercise is work, food is your medicine. Heck, before I retired I worked 10-12 hours a day, 30 minutes to an hour would be nothing to me. I could do it.

In one lecture my whole perspective changed. I changed. I got what I had been searching for. Thank you, Annette, for giving me a wonderful healthy new future.

Annette Blanchard is a physical fitness maven. She imparts her knowledge in a witty and concise way. I always regarded exercise with dread and nausea. Annette gave me a whole new perspective which in turn motivated me. An “AHA”, WENT OFF IN MY HEAD. I have adopted her Motto, “Exercise is my part time job, Food is my medicine”. She paints a clear picture of what exercise does for one’s body as well as what a lack of exercise does.

Annette has given me a quality of life and I am extremely grateful

Bernice Beck



Dear Miss Blanchard,

I would like to thank you for a most enjoyable experience when you interviewed me on your radio program, Health in Action News. Have had several other radio interviews, I can honestly say that yours was the most rewarding. Your pleasant and relaxed manner and your intelligent format resulted in a truly informative and entertaining production.

Dian Lara, M.A., C.N.C

New Health Institute, N.B.

Being a lecturer and public speaker and having attended numerous lectures myself I am fully aware of the great effort and planning that are required for a successful presentation to an audience. I will always remember your lecture as being one of the most enjoyable and informative. You have that rare talent of being able to energize an audience and highly motivate the listener.

Diane Lara, M.A. C.N.C.

Nutritionist, Whitaker Wellness Institute

I was fortunate to be recommended to Annette’s Healing Room. She gives the most wonderful massages. When I leave after a massage I feel so relaxed, and so at peace and I need that right now.

She has helped me learn a lot about my feelings, health and taught me about specific exercises that would be good for me. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I would most certainly return and recommend her to everyone. If you’re lucky she might share one of her wonderful poems.

Augela Valbuena

Annette Blanchard has worked as part of the Whitaker Wellness family for several years. During that time, Annette provided a weekly, “Introduction to Exercise” lecture for our Back to Health Patients. She also conducted regular exercise classes and offered personal one on one consultations as well as provided massage therapy.

She was an outstanding speaker and always showed true compassion and empathy to our patients. She was loved and appreciated by all our staff as well as our patients.

Susie Heald


Thank you so much for your wonderful massage! You really helped my muscles relax and my back hasn’t been bothering me since.  I also do the recommended stretches and exercises you taught me and it has really helped to keep me loose. Thank you so much.

Giselle Johnson

A short and belated report on my sciatic nerve problem of several months ago. For several weeks before I came to you in mid-June for a massage prior to a chiropractic appointment about a different problem. 

I had been experiencing momentary pain in the right hip and a threat that the right leg would hold me up. This was happening several times a day. I mentioned this to you, and you went immediately to the hot spot in the hip, explaining what the problem was as you worked on the area.

In the following week, I had a total of only two of these episodes before my next appointment with you. 

The massage of the area was much more comfortable than when you worked on it the week before, but the results were just as good. I had no episodes during the following week and the third massage showed no real hot spots.

What prompts this note is that I wanted to report that I haven’t had a recurrence of those sciatic episodes since that July day. Your diagnostic and treatment knowledge and ability far exceed what one expects when he goes for a massage. Thank You.


If I knew more about it than I do, I’d say you’re like an Osteopath, except for the degree, and one who knows more than most of those who hang out a shingle. If that’s a put-down, return to the first phrase it’s intended as a compliment.

Sam Walker

Former American Airforce Pilot

I personally believe in therapeutic massage. Annette Blanchard’s treatment of athletic injuries is knowledgeable and professionally administered. Her experience in her field and training in anatomy as well as her technique is second to none.

I have recommended my patients to her for massage and health consulting wish her well in her future endeavours,

Noel Purkin, M.D.

Physician & Surgeon

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